About Me

I am a 31 year old man creating a life of passion and purpose. An explorer at heart, my main project in life is becoming the best version of myself by learning new ways to look at the world. My favorite thing to do is forget about my sense of self  by exploring new places and getting out of comfort zone. This is when my hearts beats best.

Photo by Evie Nova

Needing at least a little bit of danger to fully function, being an entrepreneur and living in a van travelling the country is a perfect fit for me. This is where I belong. The next step is more financial freedom and to travel internationally. I intend to share my journey right here and on my youtube channel.

I am currently travelling the US in a custom made camper van with my wonderful girlfriend Evie Nova. She is an amazing photographer and we are working very hard together to create our dream life. You can see more of her Here

If you’re not growing you’re dying, and I intend to live

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