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Charleston South Carolina, of Wonder and Awe

I pulled into Charleston South Carolina right as the sun was setting.

There were palm trees freaking everywhere! As I got deeper into downtown I was transported into another place and time. I had never seen so many well-preserved historical homes and business buildings, I was totally blown away! It being Friday night, I had a hard time finding parking, but I really didn’t mind the drive with so much bad asserie to look at. Finally, I found parking at The Battery one Murray street. I stopped for a second and tried to settle my excitement down. I felt like a little kid opening Christmas present! So I took a deep breathe, grabbed my new camera,  and was off to explore!

As I walked the streets of Charleston for the first time that night I couldn’t help but imagine I was an aristocrat from The Revolution.

Maybe I knew Geoge Washington before he knew he would be the first president of what wasn’t even a country yet. There were garages made for horse buggies, real fire lit lamps, and cobblestone streets. This town was a living museum! I shot some of my favourite pictures that night. Everything was beautiful, and I was overwhelmed by a feeling of serenity and wonder.

I soon found myself in a residential area not far from downtown, pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.  How Sheltered had I been all my life?

I could not believe that at 9 o’clock on a Friday night all I could hear was the light scraping of my pant legs and the crickets. I could smell the home cooked southern food sneaking out of the houses and into my nose to take me to the next level of Southern Heaven. This was the most peaceful and beautiful place I had ever been. Why haven’t I heard more about this place?

As it got later…

I decided to head back to the van to edit the days video and find a place to park. I ended up at a chain store parking lot not far away. For the next few days I explored the town more, make another video, and really enjoyed my time. There are a few towns that have really found a special place in my heart, and Charleston is definitely one of them!


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