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After running my weekly Thursday Q&A Videos on My YouTube Channel  and reading comments for about a year I have noticed a few questions keep coming up.  So without further ado, here are my most frequently asked questions and answers straight from my mouth (or fingers):


Is there anything you miss about living in a house or apartment?

Yes! Having a stable internet connection all the time, a hot shower whenever I want it, and temperature control. Even without those things, I’d rather be in my van travelling. The rush of the road far outweighs being stuck in a house.


How did you family react when you told them you were going to live in a van and travel?

My family is pretty accepting of whatever I want to do. Now that I’ve been doing for a while my parents think its really cool. I have officially been to more places than either of my parents, and they are proud of me for that!


How do you make money on the road?

I have multiple streams of income and am working on combining truly passive income with building businesses from the ground up. Follow my blog and YouTube Channel and I’ll let you know when I learn more. For more specific information check out this video, and make sure you check the comments on it, there are some real gems in there!

What are some of your favorite books?

Here is a short and incomplete list:

Why don’t you get a CDL license and drive a big rig?

One of my favorite parts of travelling is stopping when I see something interesting and not having a time limit. If I were in a big rig I’d lose both of those things, having a specific route and being under constant pressure to deliver my load on time. This is not the life for me!


Will you ever go back to living in a home or apartment?

My goal is to get a Unimog expedition vehicle and travel the world in that. I definitely plan to invest in real estate someday, and might have vacation rentals I rent out and stay at from time to time. I have changed more in the last 5 years than the 24 years before though, and I don’t plan on stopping, so it’s a probably not for me. I enojoy living in my little astro van so much, I’m sure when I can afford a better rig I’ll have no reason to ever be tied down again. Even if I get married and have kids, I think I could give them a better education on the road than any school.


What is your take on the use of medical marijuana for pain relief and creativity

I think it’s a personal choice, it’s your body and your consciousness who am I to impose my morals upon you.  I think it should be legal so people can make up their own minds. Not only that, but the government could tax it and use the money for research among other things.  It would give a massive boost to the economy, we’d stop paying private prisons to hold people captive on tax payers money for having plants that have never killed anyone. Help could replace many toxic synthetic materials that are destroying the planet. CBD, one of the active ingredients might be able to cure all kinds of alements, but it need more research. It has been proven to help with pain, and there is a reason many artist use it. /Rant


What about psychedelics for spiritual use?

Same as my take on marijuana. Many people have major breakthroughs and life-changing experiences with psychedelics. People should do a lot of research before trying them.


Where do you shower? Where do you poop?

I usually shower at planet fitness or friends house, but sometimes campgrounds. Public restrooms are all over the place, not hard to find at all. Check out this vid:


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Have you considered using a hammock instead of a bed?

You know I tried that when I did my first big trip with the motorcycle. I am a side and stomach sleeper, and was never able to get a good nights sleep in a hammock. I wish I could though, it would sure free up a lot of space in my van!



If you have more questions for me, I run my Thursday Q&A videos every week on My YouTube Channel . Just drop one in the comment section of the newest Q&A video and I’ll do my best to have an answer for you the following week! You can also drop one here.  Woohoo! Love Yourself!