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I am always looking for interesting places to explore and film. If you know of any that would make for good video in the continental United States (Eventually I’ll go international!) please leave a comment here and let me know about it. The types of places that I am looking to explore are: beautiful and unique landscapes, one of a kind attraction, abandoned buildings, haunted or active paranormal places, film sets, famous places, or just any place with a compelling story.

I am also looking for interesting people to interview, and groups people to explore with! If that interests you let me know below!

*If you feel a place needs to remain anonymous, but you’d like to see me make a video about it please use the contact form on this website, and I will keep the location as anonymous as possible if I use it.



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    • Oh yeah! I’ve been by it a couple times, but forgot all about it. I should stay there overnight some time and make a video. The Goldfield Hotel nearby is supposed to be very haunted and Goldfield is an interesting lightly populated ghost town with a very rich history. Thanks for the heads up!

      • Cool, there should be plenty of boondocking spots near there…and there is a Casino with RV parking nearby. I’ve never been here, but I really want to visit one day and hope to live vicariously through your videos. Thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂

  1. Since your in Oregon now have you checked out Thor’s well? And if you head east you should go to the Grand Tetons just north of Jackson hole Wyoming most beautiful mountains in the lower 48 and in Jackson they have the Alpine slide and cowboy coaster. They’re really fun. You control the speed. I know tons of cool places all over the U.S. I’ll tell you some more when your close by them. I’m gonna be traveling soon and will have videos on my YouTube channel wheel survival. Check it out. And see how a paraplegic lives in a van and goes camping.

    • I’ve never heard of Thors well until now. Looks awesome! I will definitely check it out! Thanks for the heads up. Could you send me a link to your youtube channel? Sounds inspiring and awesome. Sounds great on the heads up as I get to different locations. That will make things much easier haha.

  2. Rabbit Hash, Kentucky is a must. Motorcycles galore, oldest (well, was until it burned down last year sadly, but they rebuilt it like new!) store left in the USA. Very cute country town, population of 1, dog is the mayor and a dog is the sherrif. I grew up right down the road and damn do I love it. They say no treapassing after dark, but that isn’t really true. Ive camped out there so many times and have had late night fires by the river if its not to high. Ive skipped every skipping stone down there, so good luck! (; Definitely suggest Red River Gorge and the Mammoth Cave when you are in Kentucky as well. Don’t think its all hillbilly hell over here. Its definitely not!

  3. Hear you saying you’ll be traveling down highway 101 down the coast. Check out a town called mendacino buisiness district. I’ve traveled, and am still traveling most of the country and this remains one of my favorites. It’s a hidden gem, safe, cultured, gorgeous, coolest coffee shops and bookstore and the town people who live there are fine with travelers boondocking.
    Surene beach, small buisiness with cool shops Quaint hobbit homes. No place like it. Check it out for sure.

  4. In my opinion, the United States’ best kept secrets are the Sawtooth mountains in ID, and Hole in the Rock Road, near Escalante, UT. Beautiful outdoor stuff. Escalante is like Moab, but it’s the size of Yellowstone, and has WAY less people. Get lost out on that road for a few days, and you’ll find a spiritual connection to the land like you’ve never known. Plus, it may not be there for much longer, because of dumb politicians and oil companies trying to sell off the land.

  5. Hi Jed,
    A place for your to visit up in the Northwest would be Washington States Stonehenge Maryville (or something like that) Washington. It is someplace in Kittatas County and I want to at maybe along the Columbia River. Some guy dedicated it in 1918 and it took until 1930 for him to complete it just shortly before his death.
    It is a replica of what the Stonehenge in England would look like if it was whole.
    My wife and I hope to visit it sometime this summer (2017).
    Anyway just a thought

  6. South Lake Tahoe, California is my vote. Was actually stoked to see you were in Sacramento recently and was hoping you came through. Insanely beautiful and scenic. I can show you a couple spots to boondock for a while that I know for sure are legit. If you came in the summer I could let you kick it in the back yard cause we have a fence that opens up to a huge yard but we’re currently buried in 5 or so feet of snow so it’s pretty impossible to get back there haha.. Nearby is Virginia City, NV. That has some awesome history and actually has a ghost tour for 8$ of the famous Washoe Club. An old anything goes club that was home to the wealthy of the gold rush in California.Presidents played cards there, Ladies of the night were snuck in via backdoors. A lot of lawless murders and suicides and a cript they kept bodies in during the winter for anyone that was shot or died. They allow photography and actually encourage it. They also allow overnight ghost investigations. When we went there in October they said they had February overnight ghost investigations for like 200$ a night for a group of 6-10. Look up “Old Washoe Club” Ghost Adventures claimed to have filmed there first “full body apparition” in the ballroom. Give me an email if you need more info, Want to go snowboarding, or are going to be in the area. love your videos and I’m currently saving for an Astro myself. Love yoself!

  7. Hey Jed, just ordered a t-shirt! Anyways, if you ever make it down to Georgia again, i can direct you to a ton of cool places in Georgia. love the videos you make, stay positive, and keep on trucking!!!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!!!

    • awesome! Thank you so much! I will definitely be back in Georgia again! My heart is in the south (just not my lungs)

  8. Tree to Tree Adventure Park. It’s near Portland. Rope bridges and ziplines, etc. Just saw it on Facebook, but it looks like a good spot to make a video

  9. Greetings Jed! I saw this part of your website and thought I’d offer a place I just discovered. Since you’re traveling to Seattle, be sure to check out The Seattle Metaphysical Library! I’m going to visit there for my birthday on March 19th. They have over 14,000 books on Spirituality free and available to the public. They even have volunteer opportunities. Their address: 2220 NW Market St L-05 Ballard, WA 98107. (Seattle is huge so Ballard is in there.) Phone (206)-329-1794

  10. If you ever find yourself back in Florida, stay away from the crowded coasts and their over rated beaches and the snow birds and tourists. travel the back roads and check out some of Florida’s natural springs such as Rock Springs in Apopka,Fla or Alexander Springs in Ocala,Fla

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