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If you know of an interesting place anywhere in the world that you would like to see me visit and film please leave a comment. I am especially interested in off the beaten path, unique, beautiful, historical, famous, haunted, abandoned, and other interesting places. If it a place you would not like others to know about please email through the contact tab on this website.


  1. Palouse Falls

  2. Hey dude what’s up thought I’d put up a place on here in case you forget cause I did tell you about it earlier but the enchanted highway in north Dakota

  3. Canyon De Chelly in NE Arizona….Navaho reservation with smaller and more sweet& hike-able Canyon De Chelly vs the Grand Canyon. “Center of the Universe Restaurant”–next door on Hopi Indian Reservation–blue cornmeal tacos.
    Next—Big Bend National park on the TX/Mexico border 300 miles East of El paso….and the sweet towns of Marfa, Alpine, and Ft. Davis 100 miles north of the park. Next, Austin, Lafayette, LA–cajun country, Baton Rouge, New Orleans then east to the Florida Gulf Coast and “the realm of eternal sweetness”, America’s hidden paradise, Highway 30A and it’s 17 mile stretch of rare inland lakes and Oak tree scrubs found only in a few beaches in Africa. A highlight is Seaside, FL home the New Urbanism movement and where they filmed The Truman Show,

  4. The energy vortices in Sedona, AZ!

  5. Dude- while ur near vegas, check out Red Rock From Overton go south to 215 West…stop visit me at

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