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Dream To Reality- Why I Live in My Van

What inspired me to turn a Chevy Astro van into a Custom Stealth Camper Van Dwelling and Road Trip Full Time? It all started when I realised how alive I felt when I was out exploring on my motorcycle. I lived near Portland Oregon and was getting close to graduating college. My major had changed several times, and  I wasn’t sure what I really wanted out of life, or who I really was. I felt this immense pressure to figure […]

Xantrex 806-1206 PROwatt 600 SW Inverter Review

I took my searching for an inverter for my custom stealth camper van dwelling very seriously. I chose a pure sine wave inverter (as opposed to a modified sine wave) because  I want the capability to charge my laptop, phone, camera, batteries, and power tools, as well as variable speed motors if needed. The Xantrex 806-1206 PROwatt 600 SW Inverter model produces 54o watts continuously but can surge higher wattage. This is plenty to charge all my batteries, and even run a rice […]