The Dream

What do I want out of life?

What makes me feel alive is change. Change is the most natural state of everything. Even in death everything is changing, growing, transforming. Why would I create a life that directly opposes the most fundamental law of nature?

It seems the decision was made for me before I was born. I am here to grow.

Maybe this sense of who or what I am started when I was out riding my motorcycle, on the verge of death going way too fast in unfamiliar places. Maybe it started when I realized that changing the way I thought about things changed the way they appeared to me. It could have been when I boy and went exploring with my dog Boe. No matter what it was, I’ve known my destiny for a long time.

So now that I am a little older and able to put things in order more intelligently, I am creating my dream life. A life where I am free to explore both the world I am in, and the mind that colours it. While so many seem to be content with living the same day over and over again, it’s not enough for me. So what does this pulsing vein existence actually entail?

I want to be essentially unfamiliar to myself in 5 years. I want to grow so much I don’t remember who I was. I want to see so many new places I have forgotten all but the most interesting. I want to be the old man that says “I made it” and never run out of stories to tell.

I want to live like I’m in a great movie

To pull this off I’ll need capital, so I’m starting my own small businesses and learning to invest.  This is a time of putting the pieces together to see what fits and throw out the rest. I am constantly reborn, but this vision remains. Travel full time by what ever means necessary. For now a custom made camper van is the best option. Life is so short. Urgency is focus. Vanlife is for me


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