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Van Dwelling: The Endless Road Trip

It all started when I realised how alive I felt when I was out exploring on my motorcycle.

I lived near Portland Oregon and was getting close to graduating college. My major had changed several times, and  I wasn’t sure what I really wanted out of life, or who I really was. I felt this immense pressure to figure out what I wanted to do with my whole life, and what roles I should fill. When I was out riding my bike on country roads none of that mattered. I was completely free to be exactly who I was, and I there was nothing to figure out. This eventually led me to taking longer camping trips when I wasn’t studying.

After several trips around the Pacific North West,

I decided to take summer off of college and ride my motorcycle to New Orleans! I sold what I could and moved the rest to my parents’ house, moving out of my apartment. I didn’t have much money, so I planned to camp most of the time for free at BLM and National Forest land. I planned to get a cheap hotel once a week or so to catch a hot shower and clean my clothes.

So I was off! The first week or two of this was the best time of my life until that point. I almost died in Death Valley due to heat exhaustion (it was 116 degrees and I was in full leathers!), but was saved by a what I would later call a “road angel” with a hotel room to keep me cool. I flew over The Grand Canyon in a freaking helicopter and that same night woke up to mountain lion tracks circling my hammock. I even met some crazy people living in a van outside of Mesa Verde National Park on blm land who got me super stoned and asked my what I do if someone came up behind me with a hatchet after tossing a rotting deer head in the camp fire!

Talk about an adventure!

All the definitions of who I was supposed to be no longer applied on the open road. With endless horizons and the
roaring engine beneath me, all that mattered was the moment.  Soon the initial ecstasy of adventure wore off I found myself overstimulated, and very much in need of a good rest. No longer in a climate controlled boxes free from the threat of mountain lions and bears I was now in harms way. I had made it all the way to Colorado before I decided…Click Here to Continue Reading...


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